I am British, born in England sometime in the 1970s and a concert and festivals veteran, having been to shows all over the world.

Music, art and travel will always be my top passions (as well as health spas and massages!). After all these years, I'm still capturing live performances at headline concerts and festivals since 1996, when I contributed to an Oxford student newspaper and created my own print fanzines which I advertised in New Musical Express and Kerrang! Having lived in Sydney and Los Angeles within seven years since 2001, I am now back in the UK, but travel as much as possible, not just for festivals and concerts, but also to promote my retro rock 'n' roll style jewellery and accessories line Toxic Glamour, which is available to buy online and in selected stores. 

Please note that not all photos featured on this site are taken from in the photo pit with passes and any photos taken before 2004 are not on a digital camera, therefore are not as good quality. All professional shots taken with photo passes and my reviews are featured on Virtual Festivals and Rock Midgets websites, links to my work on these sites are on the homepage. 

Full galleries from various music events after 2008 until 2012 (archives) can be viewed here: www.rocknrollgalleries.com

More can be found on my Sophie Jane's Rock 'n' Roll Photography Facebook page.

Fans can purchase special poster size prints (choice of color or black and white) of any photos I've taken of any band, live onstage or "behind the scenes". Please e mail me with enquiries about buying prints, sizes and prices. Please note that due to my copyright, I do not allow people to use my images for individual use or editorial without my prior permission. Fansites of particular bands are allowed to use my images for free, providing you ask permission to use them on your own fan website, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or Buzznet fan pages and credit my name with the photo(s) you wish to put on your site.

I am also a qualified massage therapist, providing relaxing, pampering deep tissue and Swedish massage for musicians and tour crews. Anyone wishing to know more information on my massage therapy should visit this website: www.rocknrub.com



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